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Episode of Sky Island is a TV Special of the One Piece anime.

It is a retelling of the Sky Island Saga

The “Sky Island Saga” (空島編 Sorajima Hen?) (usually referred to as the “Skypiea Saga”) is the third saga in the anime and manga series, One Piece. It follows the Straw Hat Pirates as they visit Jaya and Skypiea, a mysterious land above the clouds. However, once they get there, they become embroiled in a massive war that may result in the destruction of Skypiea. Nico Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates in the beginning of this Saga.

A ship hundreds of years old falls from the sky, and from the evidence contained inside, the crew begins to wonder if an island in the sky can really exist as the legends say. Meanwhile, the World Government gathers the remaining Shichibukai together to discuss a replacement for Crocodile. Ace meets Buggy, and Shanks contacts Whitebeard. With help from Montblanc Cricket in Jaya, the Straw Hat Pirates manage to reach Skypiea. There they face the false God that rules the sky, Enel, who is later defeated by Luffy.

Japanese Information
Episōdo obu Sorajima
August 25, 2018

Download One Piece – Episode of Skypiea Eng Sub from Mega

One Piece – Episode of Skypiea Eng Sub 1080p 10bit x265 Download

One Piece – Episode of Skypiea Eng Sub 720p 10bit x265 Download

One Piece – Episode of Skypiea Eng Sub 480p 10bit x265 Download


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